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Angela Blanchard

Angela Blanchard Advisory Services

Angela Blanchard is a highly respected expert in community development with a global reputation. Her innovative strategies have successfully revitalized neighborhoods and guided cities worldwide on complex challenges like long-term disaster recovery and effective integration of immigrants and refugees. Angela works with various leaders, including those in business, civic organizations, and non-profits, to help with community transformation, long-term recovery, and resettlement. Her clients range from housing developers, nonprofit leaders, and elected officials to social impact entrepreneurs.


Angela has addressed audiences on six continents and in dozens of cities on the role of cities in welcoming and resettling inflows of people. Her work and wisdom have been featured in numerous national programs and publications such as the New York Times, Fast Company Magazine, The Atlantic, Places Journal, CNN, Federal Reserve - "What Works in American Communities," Brown University, Watson Institute, and Taubman Center. She has also been recognized multiple times by the Obama White House. Angela was awarded the Heinz Prize for Improving the Human Condition while serving as a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. For her advocacy on behalf of refugees and immigrants, she has received several awards, including the Underground Railroad Award, NCJW Hannah G. Solomon Award, and Chinese Community Center Compassion Award. The Rice University Kinder Institute also awarded her the Steven L. Klineberg Award for urban development.

Angela Blanchard
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